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About Your Bins

Please note: Household bins are to be placed on the kerb no sooner than the night before scheduled collection days, and must be taken back off the kerb as soon as possible after servicing.


Yellow lidded Bin

Recycling/Yellow lidded Bin

Your recycling bin is collected fortnightly. The contents of the yellow bins are taken to the Materials Recovery Facility at the Coffs Coast Resource Recovery Park on Englands Road. Read more about your yellow bin


Green lidded Bin

Organics/Green lidded Bin

Your organics bin is collected weekly. The contents of the green bins are shredded and composted in a stricltly controlled environment to become high quality garden compost and mulch. Read more about your green bin


Red lidded BinGarbage/Red lidded Bin

Your household garbage is collected on the alternate fortnight to your yellow bin. The contents are processed in auto claves. Recoverable and recyclable materials are extracted and the remainder is sent to landfill. This process reduces the amount of waste previously sent to landfill by up to 70%. Read more about your red bin

Where to dispose of items that CANNOT go in any of your bins

*Hazardous Materials (Chemicals, paints, oils)
*Gas Cylinders and Fire Extinguishers
*Batteries - car and household
*Motor Oil and Cooking Oil
*Petrol, Fuel Tanks, Brake Fluids etc
*Mobile Phones
*Aerosol Cans that are not empty


All of these items can be disposed of at your nearest Community Recycling Centre (CRC), located within these waste facilities:


COFFS HARBOUR - 25 Englands Road

NAMBUCCA HEADS - 711 Old Coast Road

RALEIGH - Short Cut Road


Bulky Goods Disposal Services


PLEASE NOTE: Bulky Goods Vouchers and User-Pays Collection Services Will Commence from 5 March 2018

Coffs Harbour City Council is introducing improvements to the bulky goods waste service available to all households paying a Domestic Waste Occupied Land charge. This will lead to improved street amenity as well as maximising material recovery and recycling, whilst still providing up to four (4) bulky goods services per year.

From 5 March 2018 Council will provide households with two options for disposing their bulky waste items:

1. Request up to two (2) free self-haul vouchers to take your items to the Englands Road Waste Management Facility, and/or
2. A dial-up user-pays booking system to organise a collection from your premises.

Further information about both new services will be provided in coming months.

NOTE: Business premises are NOT eligible for a bulky goods service.



Bulky Goods Disposal Services



If you DO receive a kerbside bin service (residential town areas only), you will receive ONE scheduled kerbside Bulky Goods collection service each year. Collection dates will be advised.

If you DO NOT receive a kerbside bin collection service (rural areas only), you will be eligible for ONE Bulky Goods Voucher each year. You will be able to request your Bulky Goods Voucher by calling the CCWS Hotline on 1800 265 495. Each voucher can be used to drop off up to 3m3 of household bulky goods waste to the Nambucca Heads Waste Facility.

NOTE: Business premises are NOT eligible for a bulky goods service.


Bulky Goods Disposal Services


Next Bulky Goods Collection Dates:

Area 1: Bellingen, North Bellingen, Fernmount, Repton, Raleigh, Mylestom - Week commencing 5th February 2018

Area 2: Dorrigo, North Dorrigo, Urunga, NorthUrunga - Week commencing 12th February 2018


If you are unsure whether you are in Area 1 or Area 2, please call the CCWS Hotline on 1800 265 495.

Bulky Goods Services are Changing 

Commencing 5 March 2018, each Bellingen Shire household will be eligible for ONE x scheduled kerbside bulky goods collection (dates to be advised) and ONE x voucher which will enable residents to self-haul up to 3m3 of bulky goods waste to the Raleigh Waste Facility in Shortcut Road.

NOTE: Business premises are NOT eligible for a bulky goods service.


Contact us on 1800 265 495 if:

* Your bin has been damaged or stolen

* Your bin did not get emptied

* You would like to know about additional services or an extra bin

* You are a resident in the Nambucca Shire and would like to request a     Bulky Goods Voucher


Where to dispose of items that CANNOT go into your bulky goods collections:

  • Hazardous Materials (Chemicals, paints, oils)

  • Builder's waste and masonry

  • Gas Cylinders Glass and Mirrors

  • Batteries, car parts, tyres

  • Sand, Soil, Rocks

All of these items can be disposed of at the Coffs Coast Resource Recovery Park on Englands Road. You will be directed to the relevant drop-off area at the weighbridge. Fees may apply for some items. Call 6648 4580 for more information.

Extra recyclables can be disposed of FREE of charge at the facility - as well as at the Transfer Stations (see Recycling for locations)

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Keep your Bulky Goods items to the size of a box trailer

The GOOD - Bulky goods items neatly stacked, no more than a box trailer load in size, and small items packed in boxes.

The BAD - Untidy, oversized pile of bulky goods items, with alot of small items not bagged or boxed. This pile was rejected.

The Downright UGLY - This load will not be collected, it contains items that can be placed in the garbage bin, it is oversized, strewn over the lawn, and has a lot of small, loose items in it. What you cannot see is a bag of food scraps.

Handybin Waste Services

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